Tank Troopers

Nintendo Said No To Tank Troopers Switch Version

As it turns out, when first launching the Switch, Nintendo decided to pass on a version of Tank Troopers. The ...
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Deadly Premonitions Origins

Deadly Premonition Origins Review

Deadly Premonition, and by extension Deadly Premonition Origins, is absolutely insane and great. It’s a mess and a masterpiece - ...
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Crysis 2 Remastered

Crytek Teases Crysis 2 Remastered

Crysis 2 is celebrating its 10-year anniversary since releasing in early 2011. Now, it seems Crytek is looking to the ...
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Roblox Might Be On Its Way To The Switch

Roblox very easily could be coming to the Switch down the line. During their Q1 earnings call, its co-founder spoke ...
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Nintendo Switch Online

New Games Arrive To Nintendo Switch Online Next Week

Four SNES games and one NES game will drop on the Nintendo Switch Online service later this month. The five ...
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Mario Kart 8

Bowser Introduces Parents To Mario Kart 8

The Switch has quite a few games that can get even a non-gamer hooked on games. Nintendo of America president, ...
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Reviews Are Out, Calls Calculator “GOTY”

Switch users are having a field day reviewing Sabec's Calculator, which was recently released to the Switch. As part of ...
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Apparently There’s A $10 Calculator On The Switch

You know what the Switch was sorely lacking? If you said Spotify, HBO Max, Netflix, or basically any streaming service ...
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Back From The Dead

In the olden days, zombies weren't as commonplace in gaming. As the Switch continues to lob retro titles onto its ...
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Port Royale

Port Royale 4 Docks To The Switch Soon

Port Royale 4 is slated to make its debut on the Switch later this month. Kalypso Media confirmed this to ...
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Game Builder Garage

Game Builder Garage Is Digital-Only In Europe

While us in the States get to enjoy a physical release of Nintendo's recently announced lightweight game dev software, Game ...
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Toys For Bob

Toys For Bob Would Love To See Crash In Smash

Ever since Toys For Bob took the reigns of Crash Bandicoot's future, there's always been one question that lingers in ...
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Epic Games Store

Epic Didn’t Even Try To Get Nintendo Games On The EGS

It's been revealed that Epic Games set its sights on bringing several console games to the Epic Games Store from ...
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Metroid Prime

Abusive Messages Lobbed At Former Metroid Prime Dev

You'd think this needs no reminder, but don't harass developers, especially former devs. This was the reminder a fraction of ...
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“Rapidly Advancing” Tech May Lead Nintendo To Acquire New Devs

Nintendo isn't opposed to acquisitions, even if they haven't been as active as their competitors. That said, the reason behind ...
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Baten Kaitos

Bandai Namco Registers New Baten Kaitos Trademarks

Back before the Xenoblade Chronicles days, Monolith Soft was hard at work on the Baten Kaitos series alongside tri-Crescendo. As internet ...
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Crying Suns

Crying Suns Launching To Switch Later This Month

Humble Games and Alt Shift Studio have dropped the ball about its sci-fi rougelite, Crying Suns. Currently, the game is ...
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Layton’s Mystery Journey

New Layton’s Mystery Journey Edition Revealed

Are you a fan of the Professor Layton franchise? If you said yes, this might be for you. Level-5 has ...
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